20th trip to RCH…

We are introduced to the next part of the Talipes treatment, the BOOTS and BAR! Although   we had about another 5 casts before we got to actually using them. This visit was just to measure up and put the order in, how much would these cost? Oh, only $500! Go Chiara, your first ever […]

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6th trip to RCH – Tenotomy operation

OK big day! Tenotomy (tendon release). A short operation where they hold Chiara’s foot and ankle in the correct position, the tendon is released while the area is numbed by local anaesthetic. The worst part about this procedure, is that they administer the local anaesthetic seconds AFTER they snip tendon….ouch!!!!! Both Mauro and I a little […]

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4th trip to RCH

The cast had slipped, which meant it had moved down her leg and now the pressure points of the cast were held in the incorrect position, causing more pain and not holding her foot in the right position.. we were told if this happens to soak the cast off at home and bring her straight […]

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3rd trip to RCH!

Here we go again.. now another thing to throw into the mix.. one extremely unsettled baby in the car ride to and from the hospital, I was convinced the cast was causing her way too much pain. By the time we arrive, find a car park close by, wait in the hospital cue at the […]

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