Special Needs Equipment


Our beautiful and amazing early intervention key worker visited today for some more equipment trails. Here is a seat that we can wheel into the shower (once we can fit it through the shower door! a few modifications are required 😉 It also wheels onto the toilet, which is cute and confronting. It’s that whole […]

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Trialling new special needs equipment is bitter sweet. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the initial shock that I get when the equipment arrives. My heart skips a beat, I go into a silent panic then get on with it! The bitter, because I’m a mama of a child who has to fight […]

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reality check.. or not?

We had a meeting today with our new (and awesome) key worker for Chiara, as well as the team from Active Rehab looking at new Special Needs Equipment. These meeting’s are always tricky, it’s like a flash-forward into our future life with Chiara, or not? We really have no idea what fate has installed for […]

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Green Door

More equipment whipped up from Mauro’s amazing Godfather, this is the standing frame to help Chiara bear weight through her legs and also help with the clubfoot treatment. Go Chiara!! The CP is quite obvious in the photo’s – her fists clenched tight. Slowly, the home is turning into a place of healing and therapy. […]

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Goodbye 2014.. welcome 2015 ♥ ♫ ♬

We’ve been playing this song all morning (listen and click here)!! Made me think of us and our new normal with Chiara.. and yes the sun does shine better on the other side… there is always an-‘other side’…. another perspective, another way of looking at the cards you have been dealt in life. And as much as […]

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The Bingo has arrived!

The Bingo landed yesterday… this amazing contraption that has all the bell’s and whistles. Still learning how to drive it! we are so grateful to The Children’s First Foundation, along with SWEP for funding this extremely expensive chair – over $10,000 worth – sending so much gratitude their way. I’m putting together Thank you letter’s, […]

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