Boots and Bar

RCH visit # I’ve lost count

Back at the hospital today and apart from the car ride – all went smoothly! New mould for the AFO (ankle.foot.orthosis), then downstairs to see Prue & Dr. Johnson for the new cast. Glad we got to see Michael before he dashed into theatre for an op, he’s amazing! Chiara will have the cast on […]

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Hello boot’s and bar!

Yay! No more casts, finally able to give Chiara regular relaxing baths.. watching her mini legs and feet move freely without the weight of a heavy cast bound to her leg… so the new procedure was to have these new funky (expensive!!) shoes on 23 hours a day! Sure, sounds easy right?

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20th trip to RCH…

We are introduced to the next part of the Talipes treatment, the BOOTS and BAR! Although   we had about another 5 casts before we got to actually using them. This visit was just to measure up and put the order in, how much would these cost? Oh, only $500! Go Chiara, your first ever […]

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