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everything looks different now..

I tried to find something that hadn’t changed, something that since Chiara’s diagnosis, still felt relatively the same. Yet I didn’t get far, truth is everything looks different now. That’s probably because everything is different. I can’t look at a pregnant woman, or a new family, or a tiny weeny baby without seeing something so […]

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Nana’s prophecy..

We have been busy in the world of Chiara. The IAHP program is ticking along, we are gathering all the information for the Interim Report which is exciting.  We have also reignited other brain development therapies over the past few weeks, such as NAET sessions, which are wonderfully explained in Kristen Morrisons book ‘Naturally Better […]

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Thank you!

To all the amazing people who have touched our hearts and at times moved us to tears, with their incredible acts of kindness, love and generosity. Honestly, Mauro and I have been blown away  by the amount of incredible support for Chiara. YOU know who you are and thank you! They say it takes a village to […]

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The IAHP Program is going well, yay! We are at our max of 40 masks a day (oxygen enrichment program) and have seen direct results already. Her overall tone has softened, this is especially noticeable given Chiara has Quadriparetic (4 limb affected) Cerebral Palsy. Often her little body is overcome with extreme hyertonia, causing severe stiffness and rigidity. Now her […]

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IAHP Oxygen Enrichment Program (Masking)

Our main focus on the IAHP program for the first month has been Physiology and Nutrition, we then move into the Physical and Intellectual aspects next month. Chiara’s nutrition has absolutely stepped up a notch, she has the most incredibly heathy diet! It’s so reassuring knowing that she is meeting all her daily nutritional needs, […]

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Grace Maria….

There is a little effervescent person whom I owe so much gratitude to, the most adoring little soul who has been by our side every step of the way, since Chiara’s whirlwind-style entrance to the world. GRACE, beautiful Grace I cannot begin to thank you for your worldly wisdom and bright spark that has brought […]

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