Nana’s prophecy..

We have been busy in the world of Chiara. The IAHP program is ticking along, we are gathering all the information for the Interim Report which is exciting.  We have also reignited other brain development therapies over the past few weeks, such as NAET sessions, which are wonderfully explained in Kristen Morrisons book ‘Naturally Better […]

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RCH visit # I’ve lost count

Back at the hospital today and apart from the car ride – all went smoothly! New mould for the AFO (ankle.foot.orthosis), then downstairs to see Prue & Dr. Johnson for the new cast. Glad we got to see Michael before he dashed into theatre for an op, he’s amazing! Chiara will have the cast on […]

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The IAHP Program is going well, yay! We are at our max of 40 masks a day (oxygen enrichment program) and have seen direct results already. Her overall tone has softened, this is especially noticeable given Chiara has Quadriparetic (4 limb affected) Cerebral Palsy. Often her little body is overcome with extreme hyertonia, causing severe stiffness and rigidity. Now her […]

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casts & christmas!

Another early morning adventure to RCH for little Chiara, a quick pit-stop to drop Grace at kinder beforehand however she decided to have a mini protest just after I signed her in… so the next thing I knew we were all back in the car and off to the hospital 😉 We met with Dr. Johnson who put […]

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Grace Maria….

There is a little effervescent person whom I owe so much gratitude to, the most adoring little soul who has been by our side every step of the way, since Chiara’s whirlwind-style entrance to the world. GRACE, beautiful Grace I cannot begin to thank you for your worldly wisdom and bright spark that has brought […]

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elusive sleep….

It’s midnight… We have already spent many hours trying to settle a very unsettled little poppet. Earlier on, I had woken to her muffled intense cries to find her in the cot with her hand stuck in between her teeth..  Grace wakes up and runs down to Chiara’s bedroom and starts crying seeing Chiara so […]

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