thursday ♥

Chiara is enjoying the respiratory pattering exercises, we managed to get through three sessions today where she was relaxed and comfortable. We notice she makes a lot more sounds during and after the exercise, oh the day when she say’s “mama”, I dream about it often. The masking is going well, she gets such an amazing […]

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Myotherapy & Massage

Here are some happy snaps from the last two sessions with the amazing Andrea Williams at Myofirst, Balwyn. Love seeing Chiara so happy and it always astounds us how much her little body wants to move in these sessions…..they have a special bond 🙂 (highly recommend Andrea, check out hew site to see the […]

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On the move…

Another wonderful session with Andrea at Myotherapy First, working to get the messages between her brain to muscle flowing and firing. Check out the video, Andrea, Mauro, Par and I were cheering her on when she started to move her legs!! (yes tears welled up in my eyes!) I learnt about some reflex’s today – the […]

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