A miracle milestone!

Wow, three and a half years in the making!   It’s been a long time coming and I cannot tell you how happy this moment made us! Mauro and I have put in a lot of hard work to get to this stage and especially little Chiara! It feels like we have won tatt’s, potential […]

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Pure Love

Love when Chiara sleeps so peacefully.. resting & rejuvenating. During her waking hours her nervous system is in over-drive from the cerebral palsy, her muscles constantly switched on tight putting so much extra strain on her little body. So in these moments, as her body let’s go, I literally feel her whole being release and […]

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Be strong

You are stronger thank you think you are and your strength assures a happy outcome This is the card I plucked out of the deck today March 14th, my birthday (and my little sister Bec’s birthday too!). Message from Sekhmet: ‘See yourself as strong and victorious. Don’t complain about anything. Don’t blame anyone or any […]

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