it all ends with grace

it all began with a 20 week scan I knew this early on, that things weren’t going to plan. our new little baby had a right club-foot  and operations, splints & casting would be all it took, to fix her cute foot deformity and try and bring back some normality. the royal childen’s hospital soon […]

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finding our way

we’ve found ways to change nappies in the prone position we’ve found ways to avoid the myocolonus spasm repercussion we’ve found ways to move clothes over her tight and rigid limbs we’ve found ways to hold her when the cerebral palsy kicks in we’ve found ways to mange her through the night we’ve found ways of avoiding […]

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let go

Let go of the ways you thought life would unfold: the holding of plans or dreams or expectations. Let it all go. Save your strength to swim with the tide. The choice to fight what is here before you now will only result in struggle, fear, and desperate attempts to flee from the very energy you […]

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