MTHFR Gene Test

So uplifting after going to see Chiara’s Naturopath today.. there is so much opportunity to support Chiara’s brain function and overall health and wellbeing through diet, lifestyle and supplements. Lot’s of information to share, but will contain this post to MTHFR…. WTF is MTHFR? 😉 Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) is an inherited genetic variant which prevents […]

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I’m thrilled to have watched this TED talk!!!! Science says that adult human brains can regrow, rewire and reallocate function throughout life – however baby brain neuroplasticity is thought to be non-existent. This is exactly what I have heard from the Neuro-Genetic and Developmental Medicine teams at the Royal Children’s Hospital time and time again… “Natalie, the […]

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As a child I have beautiful memories of family holidays – in winter we would spend time at the snow and summer time at the beach or at our houseboat in Lake Eildon… it was the best! I always wanted to do the same with my children, take them to places in nature where they […]

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Swimming & Home Program (IAHP)

Chiara smiled her way though todays swimming lesson! Getting those mini legs moving, yay! With the help of Nonna & Nonno we managed to tick off a lot of the home program ‘masking’ is one of the exercises that we do with Chiara.. A little bit about the oxygen enrichment program: It’s purpose is to increase blood flow […]

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What is cerebral palsy?

It was only a few months ago, that I raised questions about CP and Chiara, and it came back with a resounding YES – Chiara does have cerebral palsy, in fact she has what is known as Spastic quadriplegia (effecting all four limbs)… So what exactly is Cerebral palsy? ce•re•bral / of the brain pal•sy […]

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