On the move…

Another wonderful session with Andrea at Myotherapy First, working to get the messages between her brain to muscle flowing and firing. Check out the video, Andrea, Mauro, Par and I were cheering her on when she started to move her legs!! (yes tears welled up in my eyes!) I learnt about some reflex’s today – the […]

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love and loss

Before we became a part of the “special needs world”, I had no idea just how many families actually lost their child from a particular disability. Beforehand, I would read stories in the paper, or see something on the news from time to time. Yet now, it seems common place… being linked into many Facebook support […]

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Medical Tests & Meetings

Still so many unknowns with Chiara… we will basically have to wait and see. The main concerns based on Chiara’s MRI are her ability to walk, talk or manage seizures if or when they occur. Although this is often expressed in more in medical terms such as motor skills.. fine motor skills….speech.. cognition… communication…independently moving around… all […]

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