Stroke in utero

going with the flow

Now that the major festive celebrations  are over it’s time to get back into the rhythm of the IAHP home therapy. It’s like a double-edged sword these days, social outings are awesome but they can sometimes come at a cost. Chiara’s therapy being the main one, and the simple fact it is difficult leaving the house with […]

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Thank you!

To all the amazing people who have touched our hearts and at times moved us to tears, with their incredible acts of kindness, love and generosity. Honestly, Mauro and I have been blown away  by the amount of incredible support for Chiara. YOU know who you are and thank you! They say it takes a village to […]

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a different view…

A wise old friend handed me this book many moons ago… I was unable to put it down when I first read it.. it’s nice to pick it up again.. ten years later and explore the incredible insights in every chapter. Interestingly this book has far more relevance now, than ever before. Now that we are […]

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MTHFR Gene Test

So uplifting after going to see Chiara’s Naturopath today.. there is so much opportunity to support Chiara’s brain function and overall health and wellbeing through diet, lifestyle and supplements. Lot’s of information to share, but will contain this post to MTHFR…. WTF is MTHFR? 😉 Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) is an inherited genetic variant which prevents […]

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I’m thrilled to have watched this TED talk!!!! Science says that adult human brains can regrow, rewire and reallocate function throughout life – however baby brain neuroplasticity is thought to be non-existent. This is exactly what I have heard from the Neuro-Genetic and Developmental Medicine teams at the Royal Children’s Hospital time and time again… “Natalie, the […]

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