going with the flow

Now that the major festive celebrations  are over it’s time to get back into the rhythm of the IAHP home therapy. It’s like a double-edged sword these days, social outings are awesome but they can sometimes come at a cost. Chiara’s therapy being the main one, and the simple fact it is difficult leaving the house with […]

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The IAHP Program is going well, yay! We are at our max of 40 masks a day (oxygen enrichment program) and have seen direct results already. Her overall tone has softened, this is especially noticeable given Chiara has Quadriparetic (4 limb affected) Cerebral Palsy. Often her little body is overcome with extreme hyertonia, causing severe stiffness and rigidity. Now her […]

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Hello boot’s and bar!

Yay! No more casts, finally able to give Chiara regular relaxing baths.. watching her mini legs and feet move freely without the weight of a heavy cast bound to her leg… so the new procedure was to have these new funky (expensive!!) shoes on 23 hours a day! Sure, sounds easy right?

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