Yoga for the special child

Yoga for the special child…

Two things very close to my heart – Chiara and Yoga! Some friends of ours lent us a book a while back ‘Yoga for the Special Child’ by Sonia Sumar. Her book is so inspiring, and equally heart-breaking. Sonia began teaching Yoga for children with special needs after her daughter Roberta was born with Downs Syndrome and […]

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Natural Therapies

Since I first discovered that Chiara had a brain injury at 5 months old, I have not stopped researching both conventional and alternative therapies to help Chiara in her overall development. Here is a list of some of the Natural Therapies that I believe have been of incredible benefit to Chiara. Yoga for the Special Child: […]

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Okay, something near and dear to my heart YOGA.. & CHIARA. I’ve come across this book and training Yoga for the Special Child, developed by Sonia Sumar who had a little girl with Down Syndrome. Sonia’s life dream is to help the world’s special children achieve their full potential and become active and productive members of […]

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